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About us

Laizhou Guangda Machinery Parts Factory is a market leading provider of Metal Stamping, Metal Deep Drawing,Metal Welding ,Metal Laser Cutting and Metal Pipe Bending etc. Established in 1996, the factory has grown in size and experience.  From design through to full production, we are committed to high quality products and service. We are supplying many enterprises in World and work together with many customers in Europe and USA with a broad range of sectors including automobile, agriculture, building, machinery, components and almost all stamping/pressed sectors.

We can help you with: Exact design drawings Advanced punch technology Precision forming Excellent welding technology Skilled surface treatment Customized mechanical assembly

We operate to high quality standards and arrange all industrial quality certification according to clients’ needs. And we have strict quality controls before, during and after the production, since we see to the details of every process: from materials to production; from industrial design to brand management; from project to target customers.


If you would like help to turn your vision into a reality, please get in touch. Our experienced production teams and technical engineers are on hand to manage your product from initial concept through design to full production.


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